Our Kit List!

Kit for Outdoor Learning

We often get messages from schools asking what kit is worth buying to enable staff to utilise the outdoors to improve learning.  Schools looks through the many catalogues and often feel swamped by the options out there. 

However, here at Love Outdoor Learning, we believe that outdoor learning should improve learning but not be difficult, costly or time consuming.  Therefore, we suggest a simple backpack for each teacher, which includes

  • Wool/ yarn – great for arts and crafts, measuring, marking off areas and more
  • Chalk – take your writing, letter formation, art, maths or more outdoors
  • Laminated register – it is easy to keep track of who is there and who is not
  • Medications – I often kept these in the front pocket so children knew where to find them
  • Phone – it lets you contact the school and them contact you
  • Camera – great for gathering evidence
  • Measuring tape (10m and ikeas little ones)- handy for maths and more
  • Mini first aid kit – you never know when you will need it
  • Small ball – turn taking or games

This is the kit I would use as a teacher.  It helped me teach across the curriculum and rarely needed any additional equipment. 

Is there anything you think needs added? What are your key items?

Keep an eye on our upcoming posts to get more lesson ideas and tips to help you take learning outdoors!

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6 thoughts on “Our Kit List!

  1. It all depends on what the focus of the lesson is… I have different items for different purposes.

    1) For measuring: trundle wheels, Sammy the 1m Snake, Sid his stripy bro, measuring tapes. etc.
    2) One metre sticks – hazel or similar.
    3) Calico cotton sheets with various markings depending on the focus
    4) A 15 x 1m tagged rope
    5) A3 clipboards for big artwork, e.g. sketching.
    6) A5 clipboards for writing with scrap paper pads
    7) Thick pencils to write with.
    8) Portable seats for seating on.
    9) DIY cardboard press for collecting finds and pressing them there and then.
    10) Magic whiteboard sheets for displaying learning intentions, writing up. examples, etc.


  2. I would add:
    – a couple of hand lenses / insect pots
    – a pack of ID sheets for trees, insects and plans (the FSC ones are best and waterproof)
    – scissors
    – blank laminated sheet and permanent pen (rain resistant) for making notes and children to jot down ideas on
    – we recycle A4 punch pockets as collecting bags – you can put leaves, petals, stones etc in there to use. You can also use them on a wet day for keeping paper dry.


  3. I take with me a big-ish dice 🎲 so we can make different moves depending on the number that comes up on the dice. This works well when we are walking back and the children a tired


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