For Educators

The outdoor environment should enhance learning and teaching. We work with schools training staff to utilise their outdoor space and providing exceptional pupil experience days linking to the curriculum.  

As part of our response to Covid, we are pleased to be able to offer your staff a free audio presentation.  This can be found on our staff training page.

Our training is led by Carol Murdoch, an educational consultant and teacher with over 15 years experience.  Carol understands the Curriculum for Excellence and demands schools are under to create affordable yet stimulating experiences for both children and staff.  She will work with your school to tailor make your experience days and training sessions meet your specific requirements.

School Experience Days

Love Outdoor Learning is a unique opportunity for children to learn about their environment as well as their thoughts, feelings and relationships. Time outside, in a safe and structured environment can aid children in developing their understanding of the world, the environment and themselves, using their emotions, imagination and senses. We offer affordable experience days which are designed for single classes and also those for the whole school.

In addition to our pupil experience days, we also offer our 5 level outdoor skills programme. This innovative programme includes all curricular areas and has clear development throughout the years. It is has 8 themes, including cooking, ecology, traditional arts and crafts, tool use and more.

Boy On Tree
Bonfire With Mom And Kids

Training Staff

Learning outdoors is an expectation both within the Curriculum for Excellence and the GTCS standards. However, many teachers can feel deskilled in this new environment, unsure how to approach the learning.

Love Outdoor Learning provides training for your staff, either on site or at a nearby wood. We help your staff develop confidence, understand strategies and share practical ideas to facilitate and manage learning, across all areas of the curriculum. Our aim is to turn outdoor learning into just another tool for a teacher to use, suitable for any stage and curricular area.