History Days

What better way to explore history than getting outside and experiencing it.  We aim to bring history to life and explore a range of skills which will engage and motivate your learners.

Love Outdoor Learning can provide tailor-made history days that link in with your classroom learning and any Experiences and Outcomes you with to explore which will create an entirely new dimension to your pupils’ experience. Our days can include

Experiential Archaeology  – from whittling to dying fabric, spinning yarn or weaving and more besides

Time Lines –  we help children develop a solid understanding of time and the period your covering in relation to wider historical events

Stories – we can use stories and drama to help children take their learning into a new environment and link up a range of skills

Local History – we can explore your area’s history and help children begin to understand their heritage

Cooking – we explore food, from ration packs to ancient recipes, children will enjoy building a fire to cook them

Battles – we can explore early battle formations and how they worked well

No matter the historical context you are learning about we will have a range of activities to develop the children’s learning and motivate them when back in the classroom.