Literacy Days

Many children can struggle with literacy but it is our experience that when the learning is taken outdoors, whether to the local woods or within your playground children often develop a sense of relief and are more willing to push themselves, without the fear the marks they make on paper might be wrong.

At Love Outdoor Learning we encourage children to work collaboratively and independently in a range of activities to develop their literacy skills.  This can include writing poems and stories but also using drama to develop stories or creating art in the natural environment as a response to stories listened to.

Range of genres – we encourage children to use a range of genres within their writing, from poetry to creative stories, descriptive passages and letters

Drama – we encourage children to act out some of the story they have heard or use their prediction skills to show what might happen next

Respond to a Text – we can use a range of art activities to help us respond to a text

Listening – children can develop their listening skills through listening to a story.  The unusual environment can help spark their imaginations

These days are primarily designed with first and second experiences and outcomes in mind.  Whilst we can devise a day based around a range of texts with outdoor themes we can also adapt our days to suit the books and novels you are studying in class.