Expressive Arts

Many artists use the outdoors as a stimulus for their work, there is no reason why the children cannot do so too.  It doesn’t matter if your playground is a small tarmac area within the inner city or a huge green space in the countryside, there will always be ways it can be used to aid mathematics and numeracy.

Music – we will explore how children can create music in the outdoors, with no instruments or use it as a stimulus with instruments.

Art – there are many art activities which can be undertaken outside.  We will explore some of these.

Drama – there are a wealth of opportunities for drama outside, many can even be linked to literacy and class books.

Staff should leave the session knowing:

  • A range of approaches they can take to help manage the teaching outside
  • A range of activities which they can easily implement when back at school
  • Theories of outdoor learning
  • How to make the most of their playground to help the children make real progress in learning

Duration: 1 day or 2 twilight sessions

Please be aware a large part of this training is delivered outside, regardless of weather conditions.  Participants should dress appropriately.