Some noteworthy mentions of us in the press, podcasts, books or on tv have included

November 2023, BBC, How forest schools boost children’s immune systems

November 2023, Buttercup Learning, Curious About Taking Learning Outdoors

October 2023, Daily Record, Inspirational West Lothian educator is in running for global award

September 2023, Happiful Magazine, Why a library card could be your most valuable wellbeing investment yet

June 2023, The Sun, SLEIGH WHAT? Gardening expert reveals exact date you should start growing your Christmas veg – and it’s sooner than you might think

June 2023, The Sun, I’m a gardening expert – here’s 5 ways to use 29p household item in your garden, from weeding to slug repellent

January 2022, BBC, The Adventure Show

July 2021, Mail Online, Toxic curse of trying to be ‘Little Miss Perfect’: More and more women feel under pressure to excel in everything they do — often with catastrophic consequences. Now one group of sufferers is saying it’s time we put an end it

November 2021, Daily Record, Teaching our children outdoors will help win the fight against climate change

January 2021, The Telegraph, Virtual tech can never replace the sheer joy of a school outing for kids

October 2020, For the Love of Trees: A Celebration of People and Trees by Deacon and Allan