Whether your playground is a concrete jungle in the middle of a city, or a natural rural idyll, it can be used to support learning, health and wellbeing and transform your curriculum.

Our experienced and knowledgeable consultant will share with you their ideas and strategies to help you make the most of the space you have during an in person visit. This is then followed up with an in-depth report filled with practical ideas, lessons and suggestions to help you get outside and make the most of your space.

Before you spend money on resources and equipment, have a conversation about what would work and benefit both staff and pupils and transform your grounds into a place for learning.


You will have a zoom or phone call with your consultant to discuss whether the visit is right for you and to discuss what areas you need to explore.

The Visit

Our consultations will highlight how different areas of your playground can be utilised to support learning.  We will attend your school to meet with your management team and learn about your school. During this visit we get outside and explore your playground, hear where you are at in your outdoor journey and discuss any challenges you may be facing.

After the Visit

After your visit we create an in-depth report for your school highlighting what you can do outside, packed full of curriculum based outdoor learning ideas and addressing the concerns and difficulties you have while giving ideas on how to overcome them.


Mini Visit

One of our experienced learning consultants will come to your school (or meet online) with a member of your management team. They will tour your playground and explore the concerns and difficulties you face. Thereafter, they will create an in-depth report with ideas, suggestions and lessons to help you make maximum use of your space.

Half Day Visit

This visit delves more into the issues and concerns your school faces. We will spend a half day with you to observe how the playground is used and share how it can also be used to support play as well as learning.

In this visit, our consultant can meet with your management team but also wider staff team, pupils and the parent council.

Visit Plus Twilight Training

This visit includes all of the features of the half day visit but also provides a twilight session to help staff learn how to use the playground to support learning.

Twilight training can focus on maths, literacy, health and wellbeing or a mixture of all and is delivered outside to help your team develop confidence.

Time: 1-1.5hrs

Cost: £246

Time: 3-3.5 hours

Cost: £437

Time: 4.5-5 hours

Cost: £683

All of the above prices also need to have reasonable expenses added, which vary depending upon your location and specific needs.

Free Short Wee Visits for Schools in Scotland and Northern England

Every year we run a project to give back and support schools. At the moment, we are offering wee consultations to schools in Scotland and Northern England free of charge. To keep these free we  reinvest profits from within the business so that we can provide schools with this crucial support at no cost to them. The visit, report, ideas, they are all complimentary. All you need to do to apply is complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Once we have enough interest from a geographic area we then find a date in our diary before contacting you to share the date and work out a schedule for the schools we will visit.

Rest of the UK and World

Complimentary visits are only open to schools in Scotland and the north of England.  If you are elsewhere in the world, complete the form and email us – we can do a virtual visit with you! If you would prefer an in person visit please email us and we can discuss how to make this affordable for schools.