Learning outdoors is an expectation both within the Curriculum for Excellence and the GTCS standards.  However, many teachers can feel deskilled in this new environment, unsure how to approach the learning.  Here at Love Outdoor Learning we can provide training for your staff, either on site or at a nearby wood.  This helps staff increase confidence when outside.  We help your staff develop strategies and give practical ideas to facilitate and manage learning, across all areas of the curriculum.  Our aim is to turn outdoor learning into just another tool for a teacher to use, suitable for any stage and curricular area.

Some of our more popular training sessions have covered:
The Great Outdoors – This is for staff new to taking learning outside
Literacy – This explores how we can use the outdoors to teach reading, writing, talking and listening.
Mathematics and Numeracy – the outdoors can help children deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts
Expressive Arts – many artists find inspiration in the outdoors, why don’t we use this with our children?
STEM – STEM in the outdoors can be very motivational for children and presents its own set of challenges
Get out the Playground – we explore how the local community can also be a place of learning