Hello! Thank you for joining us. As this website has grown over the years we have begun to realise we need a wee welcome area to help you navigate it fully. This page is that! If you have any questions please do email me and allow me to answer them, my email is carol@loveoutdoorlearning.com , but in the meantime, hopefully the below helps.

All our resources are created by experienced primary school teachers to ensure they meet your needs. To ensure we always meet your needs please feel free to email any time and tell us what you need. Then we can see about creating it for you and everyone else.

These are created to be aimed for children aged 5-8 years old, but, do not worry if you have younger or older classes. There is differentiation at the end of the lesson to tell you how to adapt it for children aged 3-11 years of age. This is fully explained in our lesson how to sheet.

How To Guides
These are activities that do not need changed for different ages. The way you discuss it with children will clearly change and possible the complexity of the task, but it is pretty much the same for all. An example of this would be our How To for Sensory Barefoot Walk. How you set it up is the same for all, this discussions are different. (This could lead really well into writing for older children).

Additional Support Needs/ Severe and Complex
We believe you know your children best. If we were to adapt lesson to meet all learning needs they would be extremely long, in fact, this is an impossible task. Many of the lessons on the site have been used when I was teaching in a severe and complex provision. Use the lesson as the idea and adapt where necessary. If you need some support then drop me an email.

Curriculum Maps/ Subjects
These are based on Scotland. If we get a high number of schools using a specific curriculum then we will create a plan for them. There is a how to document to help you navigate and a curriculum plan as well.

Topic Maps
We have an ongoing list of topics that schools use and are slowly creating planning maps for these. If your school uses the same topics year after year then please drop me a list of them and I shall add them to the list.

Book Activities
Much like the topic maps, this is an ongoing process. It is a range of lessons to support well loved books. If you use the same class novels year on year then drop me a message and I can add them to the list to be read and created.

Other Helpful Bits and Bobs
This is populated when schools ask me for some advice or resources. I figure if it is helpful to one then it will be helpful to more so I pop the resource in here.

It is in here you will find our 38 week plan for a whole school and 49 week plan for nurseries.

Outdoor Calendars
The 2024 calendar has a range of key awareness dates with lessons, blogs and other links to support you.

There is also a year of outdoor homework in here which works well for a whole school.

2021-22 calendars have an activity every day – they are great when you need a seasonal idea.

Keep Up To Date

We are constantly adding new resources to the membership area. To keep an eye on what is being added please keep an eye on your emails. We do regular email updates.

Something Missing?
Is there a resource you wish we had but is missing? Drop us an email. We will look through our many folders to see if we have a tried and tested answer. Failing that, we have a group of fantastic teachers who write for us. Between all of us we will have whatever you fit and we can create it.

To Sum Up
This website has one key aim, to make outdoor learning into a tool you can use to deliver the curriculum. It is there to support you. If there is anything you would like added or if you have any questions please email me directly


Good luck and happy teaching outdoors!