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Every Saturday we have our STEAM Club.  This club is child only for children aged 5 and over.  We explore the local environment and use fun activities to capture the children’s imagination and curiosity.

The session starts with children coming together and getting to know one and other.  The children will then enjoy participating in a range of activities and experiments to help develop their understanding of their world.

The entire session is outside, regardless of weather conditions.  We live in Scotland so can easily see all 4 seasons within the 2 hours.  It is essential that children come to the sessions dressed appropriately for the weather conditions.


  • warm clothing top and bottom, in layers so that if it is warm they can shed a layer and still be comfortable
  • hat and gloves, sun hat if appropriate
  • a waterproof outer layer, top and bottom – so waterproof coat and trousers are advisable
  • waterproof shoes in case it is muddy. We recommend walking boots or wellies, but you can send them in trainers as long as they are sturdy
  • no shorts or skirts please, however hot it is. We have brambles and nettles in places at most sites – ouch!


Groups are limited to a maximum of 8 children.It is essential that you book your place in advance.