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Windy Day STEM

Looking for STEM ideas for windy days? From kites to charts and even anemometers! This blog is filled with ideas to help you!

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Beige Analog Gauge

A Long, Long Time Ago…

Time is a tricky old thing. It passes in the flash of an eye yet can plod on forever. It can be hard to comprehend just how long ago the stone age was, or when the Vikings came to Scotland. To many children, World War 2 is an unfeasibly long time ago and there really isn’t much difference between that or the Romans. Both were just long, long ago.

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It is Getting Cold – Must I?

As the weather moves away from warmth of the end of summer and into more autumnal temperatures, we may ask why outdoor learning is a good idea. But here are 5 reasons why it is important.

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Let’s Hunt!

Here at Love Outdoor Learning we love a scavenger hunt. They can be used with any age group and can really help learning. Here are a few quick and simple hunts the children can enjoy

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It is a Jungle Out There!

The learning space has been critically considered for over 100 years. Yet, we often hear from teachers who say they can’t teach outdoors due to their “concrete jungle”. Most schools I worked in were dominated by their concrete playground. Did this stop me heading outdoors? Of course not! Did it mean I had to think a little more? Yes. Did it mean I had to overcome my previously held thoughts and feelings? Absolutely.

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Top Tips for Managing Lessons Outdoors

Teaching outdoors can be daunting if you have a challenging class or if you are just not used to it. When I had a challenging class, the change in environment would often see a change in behaviours. Children want to be outdoors and enjoy the change in lessons, and this can improve behaviour. However, there are a few strategies you can use to help you

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The Green Man

There have been stories of green men told for centuries and across many countries. Whilst he can mean different things to different people, he often represents an environmental guardian and keeper of the forest. As teachers, we have a responsibility to teach sustainability. The green man can be a useful cross curricular tool in exploring this.

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