Terms and Conditions


Payment to Love Outdoor Learning Ltd must be paid in cash or bank transfer at least 48-hours prior to the session commencing. All cash payments are recorded and declared on a yearly tax return.  All payments are non-refundable unless the session is cancelled by Love Outdoor Learning Ltd.  Invoices can be provided on request.

Time keeping

All groups are 2 hours in duration. Clients are responsible for ensuring they are ready and prepared on arrival.  It is imperative that children are collected promptly at the end of the group.  If you are running late then please phone to find out where in the park we are.


Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children know how to behave well. I reserve the right to cancel any bookings for children whose behaviour is unacceptable.

Weather/ Clothing 

Please be aware that unless there is a guidance from the police or council all groups will proceed regardless of weather.  It is essential your child is dressed appropriately.  This will include:

  • warm clothing top and bottom, in layers so that if it is warm they can shed a layer and still be comfortable
  • hat and gloves, sun hat if appropriate
  • a waterproof outer layer, top and bottom – so waterproof coat and trousers are advisable
  • waterproof shoes in case it is muddy. We recommend walking boots or wellies, but you can send them in trainers as long as they are sturdy.  These are essential
  • no shorts or skirts please, however hot it is. We have brambles and nettles in places at most sites – ouch!
  • it is the parent/ guardians responsibility to use any sun cream or midge spray that they feel appropriate prior to the group commencing.


We share the woods and parks with all manner of animals, though they rarely sting our children. If your child is susceptible to bites you may consider using insect repellent prior to the group.  If they have an allergy and require medication due to bites or stings it is essential that you let us know on the booking form.


Love Outdoor Learning may take photos/ videos of your throughout the session.  The photos/ videos may show their face.  These may be used for marketing purposes.  Names will not be used alongside photos.

Data Protection

As per General Data Protection Regulation, all information given will be kept secure and will only be used by myself unless you request otherwise.  You have the right to see information held by me about your child. If you’d like to exercise this right, this can be done by making an appointment with me.  You have the right to ask me to delete all information I hold on you and your child. Please note, however, I cannot continue tuition with your child after information is deleted and that the cancellation policy remains the same. Once tutoring concludes and unless you specifically ask for information to be destroyed, I usually hold information on file for 2 years.  It is assumed that on completing the registration forms, you consent to me holding the information about your child on file until 2 years after tuition with me ends.

First Aid

In the event of an accident you give permission for Carol or any other trained and qualified staff to provide first aid to your child.  Carol and all other trained staff will have completed the 2 day Pediatric First Aid Course provided by the Red Cross.  Certification of this is available on request.


If your child(ren) needs medication then please remember to tell us and to bring it with you. It’s up to you to make sure we know any relevant medical conditions, and to bring appropriate amounts of any medication required. In particular please make sure that if your child suffers from asthma that they have an inhaler, and if they suffer from anaphylaxis and carry an epipen that they bring TWO epipens with them (this is the minimum number required for safety in the event of an attack). We will refuse to accept children who don’t have sufficient medicine, for their own safety. 


We do not have access to a toilet during our 2 hour sessions.  Please ensure your child goes to the bathroom before coming to our clubs.