Outdoor learning is a tool for teachers to use.  It underpins the curriculum and helps you meet learning outcomes.  Our training will build confidence in your staff and harness this teaching method.


Curriculum based outdoor learning does not need expensive equipment or green spaces.  It can be delivered in any playground, even in concrete only areas!  It combines the curriculum with learning in the outdoor space, utilising whatever areas you have and brings a wealth of benefits for both children and staff alike.  Outdoor learning helps all children achieve academic success.  Our methods, which have been tried and tested in schools throughout the UK and beyond, help develop your staff’s confidence, make outdoor learning enjoyable, and ensure outdoor learning is embedded as an everyday tool.  All our training comes with a full year of support, membership, ideas, lessons and more.  This ensures you can properly embed outdoor learning into your curriculum.

Pupil Experiences

Love Outdoor Learning provide high quality affordable experience days for schools and community groups.  Whether it is marking the end of the year, building dens, using tools, story telling or more!  There is a wide range of workshops to suit every class and every level. 

Our innovative integration programme works either onsite or at a local woodland.  We work with children to help them understand their thoughts and feelings, teaching them coping strategies, and breathing techniques while undertaking outdoor skills, which will build their confidence, resilience and team working skills.