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Love Outdoor Learning was founded by Carol. She was a teacher for over a decade before realising there was another way she could use her skills and help all children succeed. 

Love Outdoor Learning started small, with just Carol running a few sessions in local parks in West Lothian at the same time as working on her Masters in Learning for Sustainability at the University of Edinburgh.

It quickly grew and with the additional training Carol received, alongside years of experience, she could then begin to offer schools support. This is in the form of pupil experience days and proving training to staff to integrate outdoor learning within their every day curriculum. Carol has now worked with schools across the country and continues to do so.

The team also grew, with Ashleigh and Judy giving us more experience. They have both worked in education for a number of years and bring more skills and knowledge to the team.

This allowed us to expand our weekly and weekend programmes, providing high quality experiences for children. These experiences are grounded in a firm understanding of child development from birth upwards. Furthermore, the teams experience of working in education also means that we know how children learn and of the curriculum.

We love seeing children develop a love of the outdoors. It is a real privilege to see them grow and develop confidence and resilience. We enjoy helping families make memories whilst improving their health and well being.

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Carol Murdoch

Carol Murdoch,
Founder of Love Outdoor Learning

“When I think of my youth, I remember being outside, playing and exploring. It taught me a wealth of skills I still use today. I aim to give your child the same opportunities.”

Our Team

We are a small team but collectively we have over 30 years experience of working with children and helping them learn! 



Ashleigh is a mum and joined our team after attending sessions with her daughter! She taught and worked with children from a range of backgrounds for over 10 years, gaining a lot of experience with children who have additional support needs.

“After living in London for 10 years I realize the importance of outdoor play and family time.”



Judy has worked for a number of years in informal education settings before moving to formal education whilst working with us.

Judy, like the rest of the team, is degree educated and well experienced.

“I love seeing how the children shine in sessions – they take the lead and create!”

Carol Murdoch


Carol is an educational consultant specialising in using the outdoors to enhance learning.

She was a teacher for a decade and prior to that spent time working in a range of educational roles.

“I love seeing the wonder the outdoors can create in children and how it can free them to explore and learn!”