Autumn Art!

Leaves on the ground are turning,
Yellow, brown and red.
Smoke from the bonfire burning,
Climbing overhead.
Here comes Autumn to bring the mist and rain.
Summer has gone for another year,
Autumn’s here again.

I loved this song in assembly when I was a kid.  Autumn has always been my favourite season!  The colours, smells, sights and clothes are just wonderful.  There is nothing quite like getting outside, feeling the chill, enjoying the season and then getting warm after.  So I thought I would share some leaf art ideas today to help you take your classes outside and enjoy this magical time of year!

Andy Goldsworthy

is an amazing sculptor and land artist.  He creates the most beautiful site specific transient pieces and lives in Scotland. He is a great inspiration for outdoor art you can create anywhere. 

A lot of his art is temporary and in this video he gently explores the concept of failure.   I particularly like this when teaching growth mindset and that sometimes it really is worth trying, even when you know you may fail.  Risk can really be worth the reward. 

His work can also lend itself to the concept on mandalas.  A mandala is a religious symbol often used in Hinduism and Buddhism.  It is a curricular pattern and involves symmetry. 

Andy Goldsworthy can inspire children to create the most wonderful Mandalas using natural materials.  I love this activity as you really can do it anywhere, beach, forest, playground, anywhere!  Children have a wonderful way of finding resources for it that adults fail to spot.  They also love showing their siblings or parents at the end of the school day!

Leaf Animals

If you are learning about animals or just wanting to explore materials in art then a great activity is to create a leaf zoo!  Simple grab pens, let the children find their perfect leaves and let imaginations run wild.  They can glue dry leaves onto paper to create wonderful layered affects and before you know it, you will have your zoo!

Leaf Rubbings

Who did not enjoy leaf rubbing as a kid?  If you have never done it, you have really missed out, but it isn’t too late!  Collect some leaves, grab some paper and crayons and start experimenting.  You can even layer the leaves and use different colours to create a masterpiece.  If you want to take this a step further, can your class then start researching the leaves, what trees they are from and any folklore around those trees!

We really hope you enjoy getting outside and creating art!  Please do share your pics with us – we would love to see them!

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