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I am writing this from lockdown. I live with my inlaws, both are in their late 70s and neither have amazing health. We are worried sick about them and so thought the most sensible choice was to start distancing ourselves from society. But it really has made me think, and I am only on day 1!

I love nature. It soothes my soul and calms my mind. It does the same for our families. Therefore, if we do go into a state of complete lockdown, how can you bring nature into your home?

I would suggest you prepare now. Get out on walks now and start collecting a bank of

Then do a little bit of shopping. I know money may be tight but it may save your sanity having a bank of things for the kids to do. I would suggest buying:
tattie peelers, you can whittle, kids and adults find it really soothing
acrylic paints, good for painting on sticks and rocks
seeds, whether it is for veg or plants, it can be fun to grow something
soil, for planting but you can also mud paint etc too
notebooks, for recording
wool and string
pens, sharpies can be good

We will be sharing a blog each week with daily ideas to include a little nature in your life whilst Covid-19 continues to play havoc with the world! The resources listed above are things you may well find helpful to have handy for it!

Follow our blog so you get more ideas as we go!

Please note, whilst we are suggesting you get outdoors, we do ask you to be sensible and use your common sense during this time

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