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We appreciate that if you have more than 1 child it can be challenging to take them outside and keep them entertained.  Time outdoors is good for the kids and you.  It soothes the mind, body and soul.  It is also free!  So, with that in mind, we have noted below a couple of ideas which might just help you.  Keep an eye here as there will be more to follow!

Journey Sticks

We love journey sticks!  Simply find a stick, it might be straight or bent, smooth or knobbly, short or long.  Ensure each child has a ball of twine/ yarn/ wool/ string.  As you walk along encourage the children to collect things and attach them to their sticks.  It might be a leaf from an interesting tree, an interesting flower or a beautiful stone.  This then comes together to create the story of their walk. 

This activity is great for developing fine motor skills, story telling and gives the children’s memory something to latch onto so they can tell others about their walks.

Carol first discovered this on a weekend away studying with university.  The stick she created really helped her recall all the information and discussions which helped her gain an A in that subject. 

Scavenger Hunts

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Here at Love Outdoor Learning we love a scavenger hunt!  They are so enjoyable!  Whether it is a tiny treasures hunt where a child has a matchbox or similar small box and needs to find things to fill it with or a sensory one where they need to find items which are smooth, rough, jaggy, soft etc.  The list of things which can be searched for are endless.  There are loads of ideas on pinterest to help you.

This helps your children develop their vocabulary and understanding of their natural environment.  It helps them properly see and understand each of the elements which combine to make their park unique. 

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