Get Outdoors for Halloween!

Halloween is right around the corner so we wanted to share some ideas with you!

Spider hunt!
Can you take your class outside to explore and discover spiders?  Not all children will be comfortable, you may not be, but that is ok!  You do not need to touch them, just spot them.  We even have this handy spider hunt sheet to help you identify them!  Could you record this data and use it in posters telling the rest of the school what spiders are close by?

Spider Webs

If you want a more physical spider challenge how about asking your children to create their own spiderwebs?  The gross and fine motors skills involved along with problem solving make this a challenging STEM lesson for all ages.


We love the green man story and whilst it can be used at any time of year, there is definitely something special about sharing folklore stories at this time of year.  Have a peek at this previous blog for the story and ideas.

Things that go Bump in the Night

The local wildlife ranger is a treasure trove of knowledge and stories.  Why not invite them in to tell the children about the local nocturnal animals, maybe you can even go a walk with them and look for some tracking clues to discover where the animals live!


How about using twigs to create your very own skeleton?  This can help children learn the names of the bones and is great fun to create!  Given the human skeleton has around 206 bones it could take a while!

Campfire stories

Can your children write the most amazing, spooky stories?  Why not take them outside to share them around a campfire?  If you aren’t comfortable with campfires, then this is a session we would love to run at your school!  Get in touch to ask us about it.

We hope you enjoy getting outside this Halloween, what other activities are you getting up to?


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