Outdoor Classroom Day – Friday Forward

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This is a bit more of an ongoing lesson, a way to take your outdoor learning forward longer term. 

The Heritage Hero Awards by Archaeology Scotland are free and child led.  They require your flexibility and can be a great local history topic.

The awards have 5 elements. Projects can be based around any form of local heritage. This can include buildings, museum collections, historic sites or digital collection and oral history projects.

You could look at:

¨ Buildings on their local high street

¨ A Bronze Age burial site

¨ A WW1 Prisoner of War Camp

¨ A medieval castle

¨ A stretch of their local canal

¨ Gravestones in their local churchyard

And more

I have used these with classes in the past. Every time, the class has achieved more than I ever imagined possible, their learning going way beyond what was expected.

I really think this is a great way to develop a longer term project which includes the outdoors.

This is a great way to take learning outside your own playground and into your community!

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