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The start of a new academic year is always exciting and there is always so much to do!  We thought we would share a writing idea to help you out at the start of term.  This can be adapted to any age group, is as simple or as complicated as you like and can be revisited seasonally. 

Many children find poetry difficult.  As a teacher, it was an area that I just didn’t feel confident in teaching.  However, if you took me outdoors suddenly, I was more expressive.  I discovered children in my class felt the same.  Whilst not every writing lesson can be outside, this one utilises the natural environment to harness imagination. 

This poem is created over the course of the year.  I would aim to select a day with particularly seasonal weather.  It could be adapted to fit whatever skills we were working on in literacy, whether that be alliteration, using adjectives or something else.  By the end of the year the children have something to reflect on which shows their progress. 

This poem has a very basic structure, which makes it adaptable.  It can be used with any age or stage! I have used it with most primary year groups, younger children and those in special education through the use of pictures. The child can create and staff and write if needed.

It uses the senses and each line starts:

I see

I feel

I hear

I touch

I think

Allow children to relax and reflect outdoors before asking them to write.  A short mindfulness session where children are asked simply to find a space and think about their senses in turn can help.    Save this poem and head out again during the next season.

This also links writing to maths as the children start understanding the seasons and learning their sequence. 

If you enjoy this with your class please do share their poems with us!

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