School Experiences

Love Outdoor Learning is a unique opportunity for children to learn about their environment as well as their thoughts, feelings and relationships. Time outside, in a safe and structured environment can aid children in developing their understanding of the world, the environment and themselves, using their emotions, imagination and senses. We can develop days to meet particular experiences and outcomes that meet your classes needs.

We offer an innovative 5 level programme aimed at primary school children. This has 8 themes, including tool use, fires, cooking, ecology and more. This programme is innovative as it supports learning across the curriculum, covering all subject areas.

We are also aware of the expense of education. Our experience days are designed to keep costs low for schools. They can be undertaken in the school grounds or an area within the local community. This means there is no need for packed lunches, children can go back to school to eat. Furthermore, there is no need for expensive coaches to move the children to the location, they can simply walk there.

Whilst are experience days are designed to work with a single class only, they can be adapted to work with a range of classes over the course of a single day with shorter workshops.


There are many significant events within the school year, from the start of the year where children begin to bond to the end where they mark their accomplishments.  Coming to a local woodland will always be a magical and memorable experience, even more so when tied in with a milestone.

Many children can struggle with literacy but it is our experience that when the learning is taken outdoors, whether to the local woods or within your playground children often develop a sense of relief and are more willing to push themselves, without the fear the marks they make on paper might be wrong.

Whether your class are learning about ecosystems, understanding how the landscape evolves our ancestors, local woodlands are perfect to launch, complement or culminate classroom projects. 

What better way to explore history than getting outside and experiencing it.  We aim to bring history to life and explore a range of skills which will engage and motivate your learners.

We can also deliver whole school experience days. Staff can choose from a range of workshops which are suitable for their class and their current learning and teaching. This allows us to devise a day which is unique to your school.  Each workshop listed below can all be adapted to suit any stage within the school (unless otherwise stated).

This day allows your children to explore what lives in your local woodland.  From scavenger hunts to bug collecting and tree identification.  We offer a wide range of activities to help children explore their natural habitat.

Whether you want to learn about ecosystems, understand how the landscape evolves or try out the skills our ancestors would have had to have, local woodlands are perfect to launch, complement or culminate classroom projects.