Snowy Lessons

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Today I have woke up and it is a beautiful snowy day. Clear blue skies, a decent layer of snow, but not so much as to trouble the roads, and a gentle breeze. In short, the perfect day to get outside!

So, to help you, we have thrown together some easy ideas to support your curriculum based outdoor learning.

Can your class use snow and twigs to create 3D shapes? Are there shapes that are easier than others? What length do the sticks need to be to work? Can they use the correct vocabulary to describe?


Can your children create a snowman with 3 snowballs, each ball being half the size of the ball below (so the smallest is at the top). How can they measure it? Can they work as a team?


Can your class work out the best technique to throw a snowball. Who can throw is furthest away? Does overarm or underarm work best? Does size of ball matter? How can you make it fair? And how can you measure it?


Can your children practice their formation or spelling words outside? The different context and sensations can help them focus.


Can your class create posters showing how to dress properly when outside in colder conditions? What do they need to wear? Why? What keeps them safe?

We would love to hear your snowy day lesson ideas! Please comment and share them to help others learn!

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